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Dating apps for women who want mustaches

Dating apps for women who want mustaches

The Truth About Mustaches: A Girl's Perspective Okay For guys, this month is their favorite time of the year. I "Mustache" you a question I'm going to just put my two cents in because I know every girl has some kind of an opinion about this topic.

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Guys, I know that you love the mustache, and I know and appreciate the reasoning behind growing one. For those of you who don't know exactly what Movember is — it's about supporting men's health and fundraising for prostate cancer research. Check out the website at http: Can I tell you, in my opinion, that it is probably not the most attractive thing that a guy can pull off.

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I'm just saying that a guys-dating count with girls might drop for the month of November. I'm no scientist that can prove these facts.

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BUT I can say that I talked to over 30 girls at our local mall and 25 out of the 30 said they would rather date a guy without a mustache. When I asked them why they wouldn't, there were about three responses that were consistent.

From personal experience YES it is gross to kiss.

Dating apps for women who want mustaches

It gets in your face and tickles your nose. Also, just feeling that little bushy thing while kissing a guy that you love Girls like to kiss their men, but they don't like having a little friend making the kiss uncomfortable.

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Every guy looks a tad bit creepy when they have a mustache. If you look at any picture with a mustache, a girl's first thought is But if we are talking about love at first sight, you may have some ground to make up if you have a mustache. You may just need to prove that you aren't a creeper.

They contain many different kinds of leftovers. Now, who wants to see that kind of thing on their face? Also, just think about all of the left-over food that gets into that little thing.

And how often do they wash it? I think it's a great cause. I'm just saying to the guys, please keep the stache for a month and then shave it off until next November. Trust me, girls will be lining up after that little hairy caterpillar is shaved off your face.

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