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How to dating apps make money

How to dating apps make money

You need to first build a profile before you can make money dating. We require four of your best pictures and your personal details.

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If requested ProDate is happy to edit your pictures, improve the quality or blur your face if you do not wish to show it. Once your account is approved you will appear in your city listings which you can edit in your account. You can also change your date fee and request image updates.

You will start receiving date requests via our instant messenger service and you can choose to list your mobile number for direct calls or Whatsapp messages. ProDate is a matchmaker site and we require all clients to signup and verify their credentials in order to use the site.

Should a client ever be disrespectful to you, we urge you to notify us, so we may ban the client from the site.

ProDate does not monitor chats etc so all communication is confidential. ProDate will do everything within our power to provide a secure service with reasonable expectations.

Dating Pro: How do dating apps make money. Last time we talked about the types of dating apps and why it's worth starting a dating app. Today. You can build your own dating app, just like Tinder and make money with it! Watch the latest episode of Ask Snappy and find out how easy it is to make a dating out of 10 for Best Mobile app builder by + clients on over 5 Million+ apps.

ProDate cannot individually screen every client and it is up to the date to make a judgement call on who to meet, as it is with every dating site online. For more information on how ProDate works please contact us and a friendly representative will assist you.


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