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Which dating apps can have stealth mode

Which dating apps can have stealth mode

It's no coincidence that the people most often spouting the cliche are in the venture funding business. Ideas, of course, are not worthless. Ideas are information, and if the internet has told us one thing, it's that information and the control of information is very, very powerful.

Which dating apps can have stealth mode

Are you damaged by those people having thought of the idea first, or are you damaged by them having executed it first? If they don't execute, then it's just an idea, and therefore it's of no value and of little concern to you. If they do execute, then they have something of value and it's something you should be concerned about. The thing about ideas is that they are usually very one-dimensional.

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People will think of "foursquare for dating" like byoung2 mentioned but rarely think past that initial idea to things like what the competitors are, what are the barriers to entry, what will attract users, what type of design will work best, which framework should it be built on, has it been tried before and if so why did it fail, etc. Of course, once you've answered all those questions you now have more than just an "idea.

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In other words, you actually have something worth protecting. As far as the bias on Hacker News is concerned, I think a lot of that stems from a couple of things: First, there are two types of people in the startup world: I think builders get frustrated by ideas people when equal value is put on the thinking up of the idea as the actual building of the idea.

I can personally attest to this; I am constantly running into people who have a "great idea" but just need someone to build it for equity, of course. It's hard not to get angry at those types of propositions.

Second, everyone on hacker news has ideas.

I myself come up with at least one good idea a day. Also, a lot of us have acted on quite a few ideas and learned how much more difficult it is to be successful than one might initially assume.

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We also learn that lot of the mistakes we make with these ideas as we build them out could have been avoided had we subjected the idea to public scrutiny earlier in the development cycle. So when we run across people who are protective of their ideas it makes us scratch our heads - they're missing out on a critical component of becoming successful.

I could probably come up with hundreds of examples of sites that weren't first to market but now dominate, the most obvious being Facebook and Google. If ever there was a better argument for execution over ideas, I haven't seen it. So, are you effectively saying that the answer to the opening question is that startups in stealth mode aren't really protecting ideas, but are protecting the plan of attack, the strategy, market research, design concepts, historical data, etc?

This could be true, but do startups which are not in stealth mode really divulge all that info plan of attack, strategy, market research, etc to the public? It seems that the difference between stealth mode and non-stealth mode is simply in telling the public what you are working on.

This is the knowledge that is deemed, by stealth startups, which dating apps can have stealth mode enough to keep secret, i. The previous post mentions Google as an example of execution over ideas, but the idea for Google was not "search engine", but "search engine that uses the following algorithm Design concepts are ideas.

Plans of attack are ideas. There are lots of ideas based on specific data and current opportunities, and these are the ones people keep quiet about. When people say ideas are worthless, they mostly seem to be referring to worthless ideas e.

Which dating apps can have stealth mode

If it's got several founders of other wildly.

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