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Why you should delete your dating apps

Why you should delete your dating apps

Well, I finally did it. I finally decided to delete my very last dating app, and I haven't looked back. I didn't delete them all at once, but when I saw someone I grew up with get engaged, that's when I started questioning everything: I want my love story to be an epic Ted Mosby-esque adventure.

So, let's back it up to my college years. Tinder first came out, I of course, downloaded it and used it.

I received numbers, made some dates and as soon as I graduated, I deleted it. I was moving back to my hometown and I didn't want to see all my high school mates on there During this post-Tinder stage, I was given the chance to try a number of other dating apps: OKCupid, Match, Bumble, etc.

Why you should delete your dating apps

Compared to others, I did fairly well in the matching department. But it was the same process: Then onto the next steps: It was a vicious cycle.

Sure I made a couple of lovely friends on there because of it, but out of all the matches I had, the percentage of dates was very low. Two things would either happen: They ghosted or I ghosted.

Ghosting is super popular on the apps, and it sometimes happens for no reason other than just ending the conversation on an unanswered question. I can't change what happened, but that's life. The whole process was starting to get really annoying.

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Don't get me wrong; sometimes it works for people. They click right away, fall happily in love and that's wonderful. But a lot of us are just stuck on our phones, swiping away.

This is what sucks about the digital age. Our eyes aren't aware of our surroundings — at all. Little did you know, someone saw you walk in and started checking you out the moment you came through the door — perhaps hoping you'd look up and smile. Yes this has actually happened to me though with texting instead of Tinder.

We have to give the people around us a chance.

Why you should delete your dating apps - why you should delete your dating app

There are literally so many people in front of us: Get off the phone, start swiping right in the present. Have your love story be an amazing one, or your single adventure. Go out there and mingle by using words that come from your mouth, not your thumbs.

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Why I Deleted all of my Dating Apps.

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