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Last frost date long island ny

Last frost date long island ny

What is the lowest temp at nigh that a tomato plant can tolerate?

Last frost date long island ny

Elliot Freezing is the lowest a tomato plant can tolerate. If the plant freezes it will die. If it gets a heavy frost it will die.

Sometimes they just get bit a little and survive. As far as a tomato getting set back I wont argue the point as it is pointless to argue.

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I have many nights that dip close to 32 with no problem but that is my experience and the way I treat my plants. Thats why I constantly stress the point of letting the plants get cold from the get go and not baby them in a warm house under lights.

If you have your plants in the house and they have sprouted then cut off the heat in that room at night so it will get cold, around 50 or so will do fine.

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Sure they will turn purple but thats fine when the weather warms up they will be able to take in the nutrients they need and will just explode with new growth. I have seen many times here in Texas where people put plants out when there is positively no threat of frost only to have plants with no tomatoes as it then gets too hot to set fruit.

If you haven't, in the date long island plant more seeds than you need and hold back on about half of them in bigger pots to insure tomato plants if the first ones you set out get killed. They may not be as big as the last frost plants you set out but you at least will be way ahead of the game. Ever hear of the old saying, 'don't put article source your eggs in one basket.

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I cant think of a better example than tomato growing. That goes for the kind of tomatoes you grow and the amount of seedlings you start.

In short you have asked a question that cant honestly be answered. There is no set time to put out plants, you can make a wild guess and the rest is a gamble, thats just the way farming is and it will always be that way. You have to take the good with the bad and love every minute of it.

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