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Dating a girl with a prosthetic leg

Dating a girl with a prosthetic leg

Leslie left the duo and Phoebe is still mad but Leslie wants them to play together again. Ross is delighted to hear that Mark quit his job.

Chandler meets Ginger and goes out with her. Joey used to date Ginger but accidentally threw her artificial leg into a fire and ran away.

Phoebe and Leslie are back together playing music. Ross goes to a fashion seminar with Rachel so she won't go with Mark.

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They fight because Ross was so bored he fell asleep. Ross doesn't like that he is not involved in Rachel's "other" life with her work but Rachel loves having something on her own.

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Leslie sells "Smelly Cat" as a commercial jingle and Phoebe and Leslie break up once again. Ginger dumps Chandler because he has a third nipple.

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Chandler lets the third nipple be removed surgically.

Friends - Chandler and Ginger, a girl with an artificial leg

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