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Filipino guy dating white girl

Filipino guy dating white girl
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The only true Filipino community is located in Jersey City, but I did not grow up there. Instead I grew up in West Orange, where there are a good amount of Filipinos but they are scattered throughout the town.

My high school was one of the most diverse schools in New Jersey. There are many different races so I experienced different cultures and ethnicities, thus I became comfortable with people from different backgrounds.

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Ethnicities of friends especially girlfriends did not concern me until I brought home a Caucasian girl to a Filipina mother. My first girlfriend was Jenna.

She was half Israeli and Irish. When I first brought her home my mom had a surprised look in her face but out of respect to Jenna she did not say anything. When Jenna left that is when I received a lecture.

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That she did not like Jenna and she preferred me to filipino guy dating white girl a Filipina. She said that it is fine to date white girls in high school but for marriage I should try to find a nice Filipina girl because they are more loyal to their husbands. I took the advice of my mother kindly, but it did not mean I would follow her advice.

My parents did not grow up in America; they immigrated to the US as professionals at an older age. I still have not dated a Filipina, but I had relationships with other Asian girls with Chinese and Vietnamese descent.

I had a few one-night stands with Filipinas but it never matured into a relationship. Not that I am biased towards Filipinas, the time frame just never worked out for me.

I tend to not remain single for long between relationships, so I tend to rush into a relationship before actually realizing the consequences. In the future I hope to date a Filipina girl, my current girlfriend is of Russian and German descent, and there are sometimes clashes of cultures. Most inter-racial relationships involve a white male and an Asian female, so it always amuses me when I walk into a restaurant or in a public setting where older Caucasians are there and they see us holding hands or displaying other types of public display of affection.

The worker started chopping the lechon and Catherine was grossed out because she has not seen anything like that before.

As we were talking, I had the impression that it did not matter to her mom that I was Filipino, it was more important that I was treating her daughter properly and with respect. I called my mom for a short interview for this paper, and she conveyed the same message. The communication between couple is also crucial.

As a lesson from past relationships, good communication is a key aspect in healthy relationships. It also makes one adaptable because of different experiences through a foreign culture. Parents are also taking notice.

Katrina Zamora, 38 years old About me: Up until now, cove has been pretty straightforward. You mingle with the key women or single men to find one that you are selective in, have someone introduce you single dating sites for over 50 one another, chat over a statement and maybe ask them out on a date.

I believe that parents understand and accept inter-racial relationships more as they adapt to American culture. In the American melting pot inter-racial relationships are being more accepted in the Filipino community as time progresses.

Paul is a student of Dr. He was formerly in the U.

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